Important Features of a Medical Billing Software

Nobody likes paperwork. That includes doctors, who sometimes spend almost half of their working time doing paperwork.

One way to allow doctors and nurses to focus more on their patients is utilizing the best technology. Proper software to handle billing, appointment notes, and scheduling will prove valuable for everyone involved.

If you are working in an office with subpar medical billing software, keep on reading. Listed below are five features you should look for in any software!

1. Verify Eligibility

You should first and foremost ensure your medical bill software can quickly check patient insurance status and eligibility. Patients won’t always realize when they lose insurance or let coverage lapse.

This can lead to an unpleasant surprise for their wallet. Your office will also likely get an angry phone call.

To avoid this, shop around for software that helps you verify insurance information before an appointment starts. This will let you inform the client before they are liable for an expensive bill.

When possible, do these eligibility checks ahead of time to cut down on cancellations and patients missing other obligations for no reason.

2. Medical Billing Software Claim Processing

Using a billing software in your office that can handle all claims will save you time and cut down on mistakes. Some studies suggest over 50% of medical bills contain some type of error.

Keeping your office errors to a minimum will help set you apart from these other offices.

Look for a system that will assess the claims you submit and highlight errors before they actually go to insurance companies.

3. Easy to Use

Does your current system require technological geniuses to navigate? If so, you definitely need to find a new medical billing software.

Look for systems that are sleek and functional and don’t require you to go through multiple pop-up windows. Important features like save, home, and next should be prominently displayed.

4. Availability of Reports

One feature you may initially overlook is reporting, but it should definitely matter to you. If you choose a system that can create regular reports, you can monitor important workload and financial statistics.

Look for a medical bill software where you can look at custom date ranges.

5. Reminders for Payment

A final feature that is important when picking a new billing software for your office is how it handles payments. Whether by choice, or an oversight, many patients don’t always pay a bill on time.

Many quality programs will help you with draft letters that can automatically go out to any patients with outstanding or overdue balances. This will significantly cut down on the time spend on billing forms.

Efficient Billing for Happy Patients

You should now be ready to make an informed decision when looking for a new medical billing software for your office. No matter the type of patients you serve, having an efficient and accurate system will benefit you and them.

What feature do you find most useful in your day to day operations? Let us know in the comments!

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